Everyone likes them

Last-minute guests

You said your door would always be open for them. But what if it is not the case with your cuisine?
No problem, M’ama’s ready dishes will take care of it!

The in-laws

His or her parents, we all know it, are always a blessing. But what if they come visit us all of a sudden? What to do? Keep calm and open the freezer!

The new Erasmus roommate

A new Erasmus roommate has arrived. Maybe you do not understand their language perfectly but you feel obliged to make them try all the dishes of the traditional Italian cuisine. Which one will you choose first?

The move

Having to move is something that happens to everyone sooner or later. Among furniture, boxes, and magically re-found objects, we try to think of everything, or almost everything! Luckily there are M’ama’s ready dishes.

Dinner with friends

Dinners with friends are a perfect moment of leisure and conviviality. But what if you had to contribute to the dinner by bringing some dishes? No problem, M’ama takes cares of that!

Last-minute guests?
Moving drained your energy?
In-laws to win over?


Do not worry, we at M’ama understand you well.
Our single portions are just for this; perfect in every occasion, they solve the most “delicate” situations in a smart and fast way.

Laura e Marco – Milano

“We can go out for dinner in tranquillity because at home, for our children, there’s M’Ama taking care of them.”

Claudio, 37 anni – Firenze

“I do yoga, I love traveling and multi-ethnic culture; this is why I often choose the Arabic chickpea soup.”

Luca, 26 anni – Roma

“I’m crazy for the gnocchi with tomato sauce. They remind me a lot of those prepared by my grandmother.”

Chiara, 32 anni – Palermo

“I love my homeland, but now for work I’m living in Milano, where I discovered the love for the Milanese cutlet.”

Stefano, 41 anni – Verona

“I’m no longer afraid to invite my friends to dinner; with M’Ama’s ready dishes I always fall on my feet.”

The happiness of always being able to choose your favourite dish,
fruit of a balanced recipe, and

enjoying it in good company!